Product update

New message bar – The devil is in the detail

The response rate of a survey is important, but as researchers, we often use only fully completed surveys. That means we need to get people to take the time to reach the end of a survey. While there is lot of talk about gamification and other high-end solutions, as is often the case, the devil is in the detail. We have always worked hard to keep page-load times down in our survey tool. If a respondent feels a survey takes too long to load between pages, they are gone. We have also worked hard to make our surveys mobile friendly.

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Build custom dashboards

An important phase of the research process is the presentation of results. One of the more engaging ways to present research results is through online dashboards. A dashboard provides a summary of the most important results or findings related to a particular subject in a visual way, arranged on a single web page.

Dashboards can be connected to live data that is automatically updated in real-time with results coming from one or more survey projects. So you are able to visualize and share key information, whenever you want and quicker than ever. A dashboard is easy to access via internet or intranet.

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Geautomatiseerde meldingen: neem actie en win

Geautomatiseerde meldingen maken van uw enquêtes tweerichtingscommunicatie. Wanneer een respondent bepaalde antwoorden geeft of een zeker antwoordpatroon volgt, kan u een automatische melding ontvangen. Zo kan u meteen reageren en communiceren met uw respondenten.

U kan bijvoorbeeld automatisch ontevreden respondenten herkennen op basis van een NPS- of algemene tevredenheidsvraag. Automatische berichten laten u toe onmiddellijk op te volgen. Welke meldingen zijn mogelijk?

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