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CheckMarket is especially known for its powerful and user-friendly web-based survey tool, as you have been using it in large numbers. Nonetheless, it is less known that we also provide many of our customers with complex analyses and presentations of the research findings. This is something we would like to change. After all, CheckMarket also wants to be your partner concerning more advanced analyses.

Allowing CheckMarket to gather and analyze your survey data undeniably offers some advantages to you. We summarize the main ones:

  • During your whole project – from tender to analysis – you will be able to contact the dedicated project manager who is familiar with the finer details of your project.
  • Your CheckMarket project manager knows exactly what you would like to learn from your survey. Consequently, from the draft of the survey onwards he is capable of advising you on the use of best practices in order to obtain optimal validity and reliability of your survey data. Similarly, your CheckMarket projects manager will be able to support you when deciding on your target audience, the composition of your survey panel and/or the calculation of an optimal survey size.
  • The period of time between the gathering of your survey data and the reporting of the results will be significantly shortened. After all, your CheckMarket project manager knows both our survey tool and your survey project. Consequently, it will be possible to obtain research findings in a very short period of time.
  • At CheckMarket all your survey results – both from the projects that you manage and from those that you outsource to CheckMarket – are stored at one and the same place.

In conclusion, the next time you would like to outsource a full-service survey project, do consider CheckMarket as your preferred partner!

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