Product Update: Conjoint Analysis Now Available Within CheckMarket

We are excited to announce the new Conjoint feature in CheckMarket! With Conjoint, you can now have an even deeper understanding of consumer preferences across varying marketing and product research use cases.

Whether your objective is to prioritize product features or functionality, or to understand how various messaging and product claims resonate with a target audience, you can now enable these objectives and beyond within CheckMarket.

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Systematic Sampling Method: Definition and 7 Pros & Cons

Organizations worldwide use surveys to gain insight into how their business is perceived by others and how it’s performing overall. The United States Census Bureau alone conducts more than 130 surveys a year to ensure communities are receiving the resources and services they need to thrive. When gathering feedback, sampling can simplify the process by providing data on a subset of your audience. This allows you to make inferences about the population as a whole. Systematic sampling is an effective way to gain input for market research, clinical studies, political polling, and more.
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How Timing Affects Survey Responses (and How to Take Advantage of It)

We’re currently living in the attention economy. Everywhere we turn as consumers, things are fighting for our attention. Colorful apps on our phones hit us with regular buzz notifications, enticing us back to their platform. Late-night talk show hosts, backed up by a jazzy band, give us a glimpse into what glitzy celebrities are really like. And how could you forget the many on-demand streaming services full of addictive series designed to hook us?
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Product Update: MaxDiff Analysis Now Available Within CheckMarket

We’re thrilled to announce CheckMarket’s new MaxDiff feature! From today, you’ll see the new MaxDiff question type and reporting functionality within CheckMarket.

With MaxDiff, you can now better understand consumer preferences across various use cases. Whether your objective is to prioritize product features or to get clarity on how different messages resonate with the market, MaxDiff is a precise and proven method for extracting exactly what’s important for your audience.

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Hoe verander je NPS detractors in promotors?

Heb je je ooit al eens afgevraagd waarom mensen eerder een slechte review delen, in plaats van een positieve? Zijn wij, mensen, echt zo verbitterd of is er een andere reden? Ik ben blij dat ik kan zeggen dat we er niets aan kunnen doen. Maar, om te begrijpen waar dit vandaan komt moeten we terug de tijd in gaan.
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5 tips om je remote team te managen

Het is 2019, je ziet je collega’s elke dag op kantoor en klaagt over het verkeer naast het koffieapparaat. Je hebt nog nooit van Zoom gehoord en je hebt er zelfs nog nooit aan gedacht dat het een optie was om te werken zonder dat je een broek aan hebt.
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