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Enquête contacten vereenvoudigd!

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Enquêtes zijn hard veranderd de voorbije vijftien jaar. Klantentevredenheid, bijvoorbeeld, is geëvolueerd van een lange enquête die één keer per jaar werd uitgevoerd naar korte, langlopende en longitudinale enquêtes gespreid over het klantentraject. CheckMarket is ook geëvolueerd, en heeft onderweg nieuwe features en ‘best practices’ geïntroduceerd.

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CheckMarket Zapier integration

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Connect your surveys to 500+ Apps with our Zapier integration!

We, developers, like automating tasks. Since we created our webhooks, you have new options to simplify the daily life of your colleagues. But we know building and managing custom-built applications can be time-consuming and low on the priority list. That’s why we integrated our platform into Zapier.

You can now connect your favorite applications to our platform without custom development. Use our free Zapier integration and start automating

  1. survey invitations
  2. survey responses
  3. handling bounces and opt-outs
  4. notifications when the API rate limit for your account has been reached

We can think of a few Zap’s, but feel free to play around with it.

If you can think of other interesting triggers and alerts, let us know and we will look into it!


Use our free Zapier survey integration

Check our other survey integrations!

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Survey email notifications are now more versatile

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Survey email notifications enable you to take action more quickly. They started out as quick, internal call-outs to yourself, colleagues, management, … You are informed straight away when a respondent answers in a certain way so you can immediately follow up on their feedback. Your (perhaps not so satisfied) customer would be so impressed by the speed of your actions he would instantly turn into a promoter.

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