New: Scoring and Quizzes

We have added the ability to assign point values to answer options. You can use this to create quizzes and assessments, but there are a lot of other uses in surveys too!

So what’s new?

  • Set a positive or negative value to answer options
  • Show the respondent their score, during the survey itself
  • Use the score in display logic
  • Use the score in pre-filling
  • Show the score in notifications and thank-you emails
  • View the scores and score percents in the respondent overview and raw-data download

What are some case uses for scoring?Survey score in respondents overview

  • Quizzes are the first that come to mind
  • Assessments of course: Post training, employee, pre-employee, …
  • Psychological screenings and exams, self-testing tools, etc.
  • In a classic market research study, to categorize respondents based on multiple variables

Read more about scoring

Scoring is available now. Our team is already working on the next set of improvements, such as: prefilling, randomization and adding display logic for answer choices.

We’ll keep you updated!

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