Use icons in surveys and reports

Font Awesome is an icon set that contains scalable vector icons. There are many important types of icons that come with Font Awesome, such as social media icons, stars, user interface and web-related icons and many more.

Icons can be used in your survey to create visual help and add meaning to elements. Font Awesome allows you to save valuable time because you do not need to create and save these graphics yourself. It will look crisp and sharp on any screen, even retina screens.

Because Font Awesome is a font, you can add styles to it or simply change the color of the icon.

Font Awesome icons are supported by all modern browsers. They are treated the same as other web fonts.

It is important to provide your respondent with a fast loading survey. Because Font Awesome is a font, and all the icons are included in one font file, it only takes a single HTTP request to load Font Awesome. This means it will load faster than manually added graphics.

How to use

Search the icon you want to use on the Font Awesome website (Font Awesome V5 free is supported):

Say you want to use a happy face smiley:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for ‘smile’.
  3. Click the icon you like.
  4. Copy the icon name as shown in the screenshot.
  5. Now you can add the class name between single quotes in a CSL code.
    {{icon 'fas fa-smile'}}
Tip: Add ‘fa-2x’ to display the icon twice the default size
{{icon 'fas fa-2x fa-smile'}}

  1. Go to the survey and add the CSL code above to the question.
  2. The survey interface will display the smiley, in the editor you will always see the CSL code
Keep in mind that the use of Font Awesome, just like any other font, will not be supported by the majority of email readers. Therefore we advise you not to use these in your email invitations.

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